This is my journey from being nothing to something.

Being a daughter of a School van driver; I grew up in Mumbai chawl in a traditional middle-class family. I was told to choose an educational path because it gives financial stability in our Indian culture. As a child, I was continuously focusing on my studies all these years without noticing how the world is growing. And one day, I saw myself as- a thin, short & and unattractive girl by carrying books in hand all the time!
I could be the woman who has fear, who doesn’t have her opinions, who is quiet & shy inside, but I realize my potential to do, to be, or to achieve anything that I want & wanted the world to see. At first, I tried easy ways to improve myself, I failed many times, the days were difficult but I persisted. My positive thoughts & passion helped me to attract the right people with the right knowledge. I went from being nothing to something.

I never wanted to pinch the money from my parents’ pocket for any expenses, so I started earning first by doing a 10-6 job as an Architect in a firm after my studies. In 2017, my friend posted about the free photo shoot on Instagram. I thought of trying it & luckily it turned out very well which had a huge transformation in my life. I always wanted to be a part of a beauty pageant but never had the guts to participate because I wasn’t that confident enough about myself, had the stage fear and I did not have the money to buy a branded dress for the same.  After this shoot I decided to take part in a city pageant and guess what? I made it till the audition round by taking my first step towards my dreams.

In March’19 I got selected in an online National beauty contest; where I won the Miss Golden Heart title too. By being a part of beauty pageants, it gave me the confidence to embrace my Imperfections & to look beyond the beauty standards created by us.

In August 2019, I represented INDIA in Myanmar for ‘Miss Tourism & Culture Universe 2019’. This international platform gave me the opportunity to meet & greet with people from different culture’s which was again a lifetime opportunity for a girl like me.

No matter from where you are; Your dreams are valid. And we should do all the things which really makes us happy.



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