Sadhana’s Story – Finding Confidence

Cinderella once said, “Perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take is to be seen as we really are.” It helped me with my confidence.

In 2015 my life took a major inevitable change. It was my first year as a medical student as excited as anyone else would be I too was all set for this new beginning in my life. But unfortunately as life is completely unpredictable, here came the “never expected it would happen to me” phase in my life.

It was the second day of my first year MBBS class that suddenly I began to have uncontrolled episodes of crying and major panic attacks for no particular reason. Since that day till the day I was diagnosed with a major mental illness this continued but eventually with the medications and my family support my symptoms began to subside and things were on track again.

Mental illness had taken a heavy toll on my life. I had completely changed to what I used to be earlier as an individual.

I was  always a happy-to-go-lucky type of a person but since this illness took over I had completely lost interest in almost everything in my life. I had started to isolate myself  to an extent that I had started to sleep for 18 hours non-stop. This is when my parents got alarmed and decided to consult me with a psychiatrist. Since that day I am under continuous treatmen to this day.

Amidst these intense period, I even considered to give up on my dream to become a doctor as I had completely lost hope in my life to ever recover from this. But the treatment turned out be miraculous in my life. It helped me restore my confidence back and here I am all confident and soon to be a “Doctor”, finally!


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