Men and Mental Health – Men have feelings too

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For anyone having any illnesses, especially related to mental health, talking to anyone about it can seem extremely difficult be it even with a mental health professional.

When it comes to men, talking about their feelings and emotions is considered a taboo. They’ve been referred as ‘weak’ and ‘too fragile’ all their lives whenever they wish to or have shared their innermost worries. Hence, it becomes highly inaccessible for them to get mental health resources and support. 

WHO emphasized that the ‘cultural stigmatization’ around mental health is one of the major obstacles stopping people from admitting and accepting that they need help. It was also concluded that this stigmatization is more around men and their mental health.

From the time a boy is born, he has been taught that shedding tears or talking about your fears or even sharing your problems with others can make you weak. They’ve been taught that “men aren’t weak.” Thus, even when they feel that they are suffering through something, it becomes difficult for them to open up to others and share their problems. The same is true when it comes to talking about mental health; men think that society will judge them if they open up about their issues.

Talking about mental health isn’t easy. It is not a topic that tends to come up casually in certain social environments, like talking about cricket.

With men and their mental health recently getting a lot of attention, it is also important to know the commonly faced issues by men. These mental problems may seem so common with the physical symptoms that sometimes they might get misjudged.

Some of the mental health illnesses may have a higher rate in men than females.

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Social anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Substance abuse
  • Depression
  • Hopelessness
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Changes in mood, appetite or energy levels
  • Identity crisis

These issues are so common in females that these get overlooked when it comes to men.

Especially when men get diagnosed with any mental health disorder, they do nothing about it since they think admitting it might make them look weak.

Every individual looks forward to receiving warmth and non-judgmental people in their lives. Some of them get this support from their families and some also prefer talking to their therapist.

Most men prefer taking help from a male therapist. They are comfortable enough to ask for help from them. Some men who prefer going to female therapists, feel that if they open up a lot more and share their innermost feelings, they might get judged or be mis-read.

Sometimes, men worry that they will have to share all their problems with a stranger and conclude that it is better to not ask for help. But what they don’t understand then is that by choosing to not talk about their difficulties, or their feelings, they are missing out on timely treatment which can help them become better at understanding themselves.

Why should the mental health status for men change?

Everyone, including males, females, and all other gender groups have a right to ask for help whenever they feel they are in danger, or going through a lot and aren’t able to keep up with themselves.

Everyone is allowed to feel, fail and become vulnerable. It is called being human.

We have had many male personalities succumb to various mental health problems in recent years and it only makes us think why don’t men come forward with their problems?

The ‘false’ idea that men can ‘solve all their problems’ because they are ‘tough enough’ makes men not seek professional help.

The status of mental health of men should change because showing how you truly  feel and think is not a sign of weakness. Men don’t always show the signs that are often associated with a disorder. Thus, encouraging and supporting men to seek help should be normalized.

Showing our vulnerable side does not make us weak. Talking about our emotions and feelings makes us more aware of how we think in certain situations. Talking also helps us become more empathetic and supportive. Encouraging people who are scared to seek help will help them get better.

Final message on men and their mental health

We, as a part of the society, can help in bringing more transparency when it comes to mental health problems.

We need to start talking more openly about mental health with everyone. Just like we need oxygen to survive, having a good mental health is an equivalent of having oxygen. Suffering in silence has never done any good to anyone; it should not be the only option for anyone, including men. 

Check in with them. Ask them how they’re feeling. Awareness and education play the biggest role in making people aware about their own as well as others’ mental health.

There is hope always. Help is always available.

To treat someone, we only need to get one message across, “IT IS OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP.”

Blog Written By :

Vaibhavi Bafna

Psychologist/Triage Specialist at EAP-India

 Vaibhavi Bafna have completed a Masters In Clinical Psychology. I like writing and keeping myself updated on the latest news, be it related to mental health or otherwise. I have my blog where I post short articles often, and currently, I also am a content writer at my workplace. 



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