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Minimalism and humans; do not get along too often. 

Have you ever checked your social media accounts and experienced a sense of disappointment and jealousy when you see your close relatives and friends posting attractive pictures of their newly bought houses, cars, or recent leisure vacations they had? Have you ever longed for more or slogged day and night to be able to afford that material possession that would make you happy? 

As humans we think gratifying each desire as it arises will somehow summate into a  satisfying life, but this approach can lead to immense dissatisfaction.  

No matter how much stuff we buy, it’s never enough.  

Material possessions, overwhelming work schedules and excessive shopping are a  few yardsticks set by the society to measure one‟s success. This clearly shows how  confused we are about what‟s going to make us happy. We fail to realise that  materialistic consumption doesn‟t lead to satisfaction. 

Minimalism is the ultimate solution to help tackle this never fulfilled  hunger that brings with it immense stress, anxiety and depression.

Let us put this in The Buddha’s context. 

One day, after the Buddha and a group of monks finished having their lunch, an agitated farmer came by and asked,  

“Monks, have you seen my cows? I haven’t seen them since this morning. If I lose them, I don’t think I can survive so much misfortune.”  

The Buddha asked him, “What happened?”  

And the man said, “Monks, this morning all twelve of my cows ran away. Also, my whole crop of sesame plants was eaten by insects this year!”  

One of the monks replied, “Sir, we have not seen your cows. Perhaps they have gone in the other direction.”  

After the farmer went in that direction, the Buddha turned to his Sangha and said,  “Dear friends, do you know you are the happiest people on Earth? You have no cows or sesame plants to lose. We always try to accumulate more and more, and we think the cows are essential for our existence. In fact, they may be the obstacles that prevent us from being happy. Release your cows and become a free person. Release your cows so you can be truly happy.”

Even the Buddha preached minimalism. 

When you start on your minimalism journey, you begin to realize how possessions really have no impact on your happiness and contentment.  

All you got to ask yourself is, “Does this add value to my life?”  

How does minimalism help improve mental health?


1. De-clutter Space

Minimalism is followed by removing any clutter from your home. When you do not  have too much stuff in your home, you no longer feel constantly overwhelmed.  Instead, you find it calming and relaxing to be in a free space. If having a house filled  with toys, clothes and goodies is making you stressed, then that life isn‟t for you. De clutter your belongings and be as open as possible. It helps you achieve better clarity  of thoughts when you de-clutter your space. The best way to go about this task is to  first eliminate the unwanted and then organise the rest.



Our daily lives are strangled by huge TO-DO lists and chains of never ending  tasks. This practice does not just kill efficiency and productivity but also result in  undue stress, fatigue, loss of interest and procrastination. Minimalism means prioritising and achieving better productivity and results in less time. Start your day  by working on the 3 MIT – Most Important Tasks – mindfully instead of worrying  about ticking off the maximum tasks. 

As per the popular Pareto‟s rule of 80:20, everyday, 20% tasks help us achieve 80%  of results whereas 80% of tasks help achieve only 20% results. You feel good about  what you could accomplish in a day, because what is most important to you is  precisely what you get done. Instead of squeezing a lot of tasks and activities in  limited time follow “less is more” philosophy by prioritising your tasks instead. Truly  if having a full schedule is causing more harm than good, then it isn‟t worth it.  


3. Guilt

Growing in a minimalist mind-set allows you to put an end to your guilt. When you  are able clear your priorities in life, the guilt for not “doing it all” stops. You are  better able to say no when something is not needed.  


4. Stop Comparison

This helps to improve your mental health by helping you stop comparing yourself to  those around you. Reducing your time on social media makes you happier because  you aren‟t comparing your current life with others. What others think no longer  matters all that much? You feel good about your decisions; because you know that  they will cause you to look back at your life with no regrets one day. 


5. Financial insecurity

Worrying about finances can easily trigger feelings of anxiety or depression, but,  practising minimalism can inadvertently reduce your spending and help to relieve  financial problems.


6. Excessive shopping habit

Binge shopping can lead to a constant outflow of money and controlling this habit  can certainly help in saving money. It also helps you deal with the reasons of why  you shop and help you overcome that as well. 


7. Reduces stress and increases Energy

Minimalism improves your mental health by reducing your stress levels and how  frequently you feel overwhelmed. With less in your home and on your schedule, you  are no longer over-stimulated by everything on your plate. There is simply less to  worry about. Fewer decisions need to be made, and the decisions you need to make  are easier. With less responsibility comes an increase in energy. You no more feel  bogged down by having too much to do on a regular basis. 

There are always going to be days that are crazy busy. That‟s mostly unavoidable.  But, because you have been intentional with your time and energy, you are able to  handle those busy times when they come much better.


8. More Freedom

Minimalism gives you more space – in your home, on your schedule, and in  your mind. When you have more space, you have the freedom to live the kind of life  you want and experience true fulfilment! 


9. A sense of purpose

It helps you focus on what‟s truly important to you. Where you are living a life you  never wanted before, you are now living a life of purpose that is unique to me. You  are not trying to fit in and be “normal”. 

And, you are no longer just doing what you think others expect of you. 

You slowly begin minimizing the things that are causing you stress or holding you  back from the life you wanted…a life of joy, peace, and fulfilment. 

You start enjoying your life again and finding so much purpose in each and every  day. 

That‟s because, frankly, you are finally living YOUR LIFE instead of someone else‟s. 

Following the principles of MINIMALISM let us try understanding this universal concept in  minimum words and expressions. Finally, quoting Leo Babauta – “Less Is More” – minimalism would be the ultimate answer to most of your dissatisfaction, stress, anxiety and  insecurities in life. 

Live by the Altruism – Happiness does not come from outside, the answer  lies within our self. 

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Rashmi Marathe- Lokapure is a Behavioural Life Coach and Counselling Practitioner with an experience that spans more than 10 years. Blended with experiential, motivational and behavioral science, she has clients located in every time zone and works closely with them to create a transformational journey.



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