Understanding Motivation – The Chauffeur of Your Goals

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What is Motivation?

Motivation is the process that initiates and guides our goals. It is the motivation that is a driving factor for our desires. Motivation is what makes us “act” – be it eating our meal or reaching that ideal body that we have been working – this is because it activates and guides our behaviour.

Activity: Imagine you are not scoring well in your class. And you have worked very hard to reach your desired target. What is it that drives you to work hard and get your scores up?

In the above activity, isn’t it clear that the reason we work hard is that we are motivated to reach our target score because it is what we desire? Motivation is what “makes” us work, it activates our behaviour along with guiding it.

Types of Motivation:


Intrinsic Motivation:

This type can be considered the kind of motivation that is present internally. This could be due to the want we have inside ourselves to have something, which guides our actions. Keeping in mind the above activity of getting your target goal could be because you believe that you have the potential to achieve the score.


Extrinsic Motivation:

This type of motivation comes from external factors. This could be a result of something external that pleases you and hence the actions taken would focus on that external result. Scoring well on the test would mean standing in the election of the captain which you “want” and hence this external reward becomes your motivating factor.

Facts – What drives you?



There is no doubt that our actions have a biological need behind them. This includes behaviours such as hunger, thrust, sleep, etc. these are known as drives. There are theories that talk about how we act and have a biological drive behind them and our behaviours are carried out to satisfy those wants.



There are a lot of psychologists such as Sigmund Freud who believe that our actions are directed by instincts which are inborn patterns of behavior. Many theories are based on the motivation arising from the instincts which include love, cleanliness, and fear to name a few.



There are theories that also possess that people who are highly motivated engage in tasks that help them maintain their optimum level of arousal. For example – a person who is not very aroused would choose relaxing activities, while those who are highly aroused will opt for exciting action-oriented activities.

Does being Motivated Helps?

  • Motivation helps us to see our goals and achieve them in the right manner
  • Having the right kind of motivation impacts us physically.
  • Motivation drives away helplessness which is the prime cause of “giving up”.
  • Motivation also pushes away risky behaviours like addiction.
  • Motivation helps us to accept the obstacle and move towards our goals.
  • Good motivation equals overall competence.

How to stay motivated?


A for Awareness:

One of the majors in understanding how to stay motivated is to know yourself– what you are, what you love, and what drives you. Our mind and body function because we have needs. So, understand what your needs are and what drives you to them. You can do this by spending time alone every day and writing about your goals and what “you” think motivates you to achieve them.


Be Specific:

When there is awareness, there is specificity, as you know your priorities. It is what you “want” that will help you set your goals straight. Be specific about what you want. This will not only help your motivational levels but also get your head to what you want the most.



Confront your goals, however, sign up for confronting the obstacles you will face. It goes without saying that where there is a will, there is a way (and many roadblocks) and that is alright. Do not turn off your motivation button if you fail. A simple task you can commit to is  writing down your plan of action and setting up a plan B


Ditch the monotony:

One of the main reasons why people tend to back off from their goals is a lack of motivation thanks to the monotonous routine, which sometimes cannot be helped. So, take a break! It’s okay to do so as it will help declutter your mind and we all deserve a reward for our baby steps. You can indulge in activities that motivate and destress you (painting, long drives).


Tracking your steps:

This one is rather important- tracking your progress and plan of action can be a direct source of motivation and help you understand if the steps you are taking in order to reach your “destination” are right.


Do not forget:

Remind yourself that no matter what you are competent, deserving, and patient enough to accomplish your goals. One of the best activities to indulge in is to maintain a journal- write about how you feel about the goals you have, the motivating factors, and the feeling and changes that will take place in your life after accomplishing your desires.

In conclusion,

Your motivating factor is special to you and nothing starts without it. Motivation with Positivity and lead to some magical changes. So do not stop motivating yourself as it can do wonders!


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

– Mark Twain.


The following content is for information purposes only. We, in no way claim or assure that using the information can be a substitute for any kind of medical treatment if any. If you are diagnosed with any kind of medical/clinical condition please do not avoid visiting a professional.


Our purpose is to spread positivity and motivation by focusing on self-love and self-care. We also work towards reducing the stigma around mental health and by creating mental health awareness through our blogs.

People today have forgotten how to be happy; they have forgotten what it is to be inspired what it to be real & motivated. We all are so busy with our daily lives today that we have forgotten to take time out for ourselves.  We are here to remind you that you are special in your own ways. We are here to remind you that it’s okay to not finish a task, or meet deadlines, its ok not to be ok! You deserve to be happy, you deserve to smile, you deserve to be cared and loved.


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