Understanding Sleep – The Power Bank Of Our Body & Mind

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Sleep can be described in terms of the body’s mechanism or need to shut down in a state of rest. When in this state, an individual avoids any kind of physical activity in total. Although sleeping means “turning off” the buttons of the body and mind, it is actually a little different. When we sleep, the brain activity is still active. This activity is more complex and works as hard as when we are in motion. The phenomenon of dreams is also a result of such brain activity.

Sleep and Mental health: Affecting the master of the body

Sleeping habits are not only linked to physical but also psychological health. It can be described as a two-way process – poor sleeping habits can affect the mind, but there is also a possibility that psychological patterns such as mental disorders and personality can be causes of poor sleep.




Stress is the body’s reaction to an event. Stress involves many physical and hormonal changes however, there are stress-related disorders that can result in poor sleep and in turn affect the body and the mind.



One of the main symptoms of depression is lack of slumber (insomnia) or oversleeping. It has also been observed that poor sleeping patterns can result in depressive symptoms due to its direct link with hormones. Research has pointed out that people with depression can have a relapse due to poor sleep in spite of good responsiveness to medication.


Anxiety Disorders:

There is new research evidence that has pointed out sleep deprivation to be linked to anxiety disorders. It has also revealed that the presence of insomnia or chronic sleep deprivation can lead to anxiety disorders. This can be vice versa as such issues are also prevalent in people suffering from anxiety disorders.

Sleep Disorders: Yes, They exist too!

Clinically described sleep disorders can be caused due to physical and psychological troubles. Symptoms are usually based on distorted sleep patterns. Sleep disorders attack the overall health of a person causing interference in daily functioning.



Insomnia is a well-known sleep disorder that is usually caused due to stress, trauma or even anxiety. This is also commonly seen in people living in urban settings. Insomnia is described as difficulty in falling asleep and facing wakefulness throughout the night.


Sleep Apnea:

This is a serious sleep disorder marked by an irregular pattern of breathing in which a person’s breathing suddenly stops and starts again. Some of the symptoms of apnea include excessive snoring sound, choking or gasping, pauses between breathing, fatigue, daytime sleeping, etc.


Restless Leg Syndrome:

This is a movement disorder that causes an urge and an uncomfortable sensation in the legs when trying to sleep. This usually happens during the evening hours when a person wishes to rest.


Sleep Paralysis:

This disorder can be described when a person is conscious and aware however is unable to move. This phase is experienced between the stage of wakefulness and rest. It can cause a person to be unable to speak or move. They may also feel a sense of choking and hallucinate if it worsens.

How to sleep better? DIY guide to help you sleep well!


Keep the phone away!

We open our eyes with phones in our hands and sleep with them by our sides. This can cause sleep issues. The radiations transmitted from the electronics are bad for the body and can also cause addictions which result in distorted sleep. Keep your phones away and do not keep them under your pillow. Also, make sure it is not the first thing that you see every morning!


Have a productive lifestyle

Too much of something is not healthy- this includes sleep as well. When we are not productive and energetic, lethargy can hit us which causes us to sleep too much or too little for that matter.

It is necessary to be a little exhausted, as it is a sign that the body needs to rest. This will not only freshen your mind and body but will also make you more productive for the next day.


Reduce the stress:

We are living in a demanding world; it is the need of the hour. However, our body is not a machine and exposing it to long-term stress is of no good. For releasing this timely stress one can resort to stress reduction activities that work wonders.


Follow sleep hygiene

Certain things should be done in certain places- that is what sleep hygiene is all about! Let your bedroom be a place where you relax and not take your workload to. Let your bed be a place you rest your head on and not where you eat dinner! Other sleep hygiene can include following traditional methods such as using an alarm clock instead of your phone or keeping your room dark while sleeping which will induce better sleep.


Take care of yourself!

Because why not? It is always a good idea to exercise regularly or to read a positive book before sleeping as it will lead to better sleep patterns. If you think you are facing serious sleep issues, go visit a doctor, or take therapy as it is an excellent cure to problems. Shifting to more conventional ways of living such as sleeping on time or setting “phone rules” in the room can also be some ways of signing up for good sleep patterns!


The following content is for information purposes only. We, in no way claim or assure that using the information can be a substitute for any kind of medical treatment if any. If you are diagnosed with any kind of medical/clinical condition please do not avoid visiting a professional.


Our purpose is to spread positivity and motivation by focusing on self-love and self-care. We also work towards reducing the stigma around mental health and by creating mental health awareness through our blogs.

People today have forgotten how to be happy; they have forgotten what it is to be inspired what it to be real & motivated. We all are so busy with our daily lives today that we have forgotten to take time out for ourselves.  We are here to remind you that you are special in your own ways. We are here to remind you that it’s okay to not finish a task, or meet deadlines, its ok not to be ok! You deserve to be happy, you deserve to smile, you deserve to be cared and loved.

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