What is Grief? Benefits of the grieving process

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On an everyday basis, we undergo various emotions. Grief is one of them. There are days when we feel upset and low. However, we try to brush off these emotions and move ahead in life. There are moments when we question ourselves and command our inner self about how we should feel.

Feelings like sadness, anger, hurt, despair, disappointment are viewed in a negative light. Because we stay away from these emotions we may not understand its origin. Do you think it’s essential to understand where these emotions descend?

Well, a lot of emotions may stem from our loss. When we say loss or grief we may think about someone’s death. However, we can experience loss on a day-to-day basis. When we lose someone or something we may experience loss. Loss may take place with the separation of a partner, losing a job, or even when we move from one place to another. We form some attachment and bonding with a person, place, or thing. When we lose someone/something, we tend to grieve about that loss. The loss does not limit us to grieve about a person or a thing. Grieving can include the grief for the plans we have had about the future, or the part they played in our routine. To identify the struggles we can first try to understand how grief looks like. Grief is a perplexing state where a person may undergo various sets of emotions. Grief does not have any particular time nor does it come in any sequence. However, grief in particular may make us experience denial, anger, pain, guilt, depressed feeling, and acceptance. Grief is a very personal experience and everyone has their unique journey.

Grief allows us to connect with various types of emotions, it helps us understand more about our perceptions and where our pain stems from. For example, We may experience anger, however, due to the negative light towards anger, we may feel guilty for experiencing anger. Understanding that our emotions are completely natural and valid may help us understand our emotions better. Anger is just a response our body may feel. There are multiple emotions one may experience beneath the anger. Connecting with our emotions may give us better clarity about the emotions that are beneath them and can help us understand where they are coming from. Grief allows us to reflect on our expectations. However, the very important part of this grief is, it helps us explore and reconnect with ourselves.

When we experience these storming emotions through us, we feel overwhelmed. Many of us try to engage in certain activities that are quite distracting. These activities are called coping activities, i.e our hobbies, and interests. These activities can be listening to music, gardening, painting, cooking, etc. Such activities give us space to understand our inner self better, to understand more about our pleasures, and most importantly it helps us sustain the difficult of difficult situations. When we engage in such coping activities, these activities channelize our energy in a particular direction. Let’s take an example here, Painting- Painting can give us space to let our thoughts out with the help of beautiful colors and let our emotions flow. This gives us the opportunity to express ourselves, to open up about our emotions, and may make us feel accepted and validated. The painting also helps us gain a different perspective on the scenarios. All of this happens effortlessly and the most important part is that it beautifully soothes you. Grief gives you space to how changes may not be desirable, however, we do hold to capacity to sustain worse situations. It helps us bring acceptance towards situations and ourselves as well. Grief may make us undergo agony, however, it helps us appreciate life. We may change our perception towards others and ourselves. One of the most important things grief may allow you to see is the compassion you have always held for others and the need to receive the same level of compassion towards yourself. Remember that you are an individual. You deserve love and care and you can provide it to yourself. Grief also helps us reconnect. Reconnecting means connecting with your emotions as well as your social support. In our daily routine, we may get disconnected from people around us and especially from our social support. Grief gives you realization to connect with someone. This helps you reconnect with your current social supports as well as reconnect with the lost friend. This helps us set priorities and boundaries in our life. We may not acknowledge it in our routine, however, undergoing different emotions may help us reflect on our daily plans and give us space to rethink a lot of things. We can try to use this space to help ourselves to heal and work on it. 

Just like – 

  • Every clash of water and light brings a rainbow (There is a rainbow after a hurricane)
  • Every dawn is followed my brightness ( where a path of darkness lead to brightness)
  • Every painful journey give you more empathy ( Amazing ability to connect with other is empathy)

Conclusion- Grieving is a natural and important part of us, however, it also provides us space to reconnect with ourselves and to reflect on our strengths. Grief is a painful journey that may connect us beautifully with ourselves. 

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Samiksha Korgaonkar is a Pyschotherapist and Counseling Psychologist with 2 years of experience.

She has Completed her Masters in Applied Psychology and worked on different projects.

Her Area of Expertise is Clinical and Counseling Psychology.



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